Real Estate News: Vancouver Island, BC


Stability with growth returning after Covid-19 for Home Prices

Posted by Denise Dumbrell
2020-06-15 13:28:12
The June report published about mid July will show much more interesting numbers than the May report but it does show the effects of Covid-19 on one of the larger segments of BC's Econoimy.... Read More

UNDERSTAND VALUES IN 2020 using these FREE Interactive Maps

Posted by Wayne Dumbrell
2020-06-13 16:04:38
FREE FOR YOUR USE! USE THIS LINK: These are Interactive maps that will... Read More

Obtaining A Mortgage -Best Rates and Qualifying

Posted by Wayne Dumbrell
2020-06-03 01:02:57
You are now ready to move forward, but do you know what you can afford. Most Canadian Banks are under very strict federal Government Qualification Guidelines. This is not your parents nor... Read More

BC Home Renovation Rebate Guide

Posted by Denise Dumbrell
2020-06-03 01:00:25
Finally all assembled in one place, your guide to the 2019/2020 (on most) BC Home Renovation Rebate Program. This document summarizes rebates and offers from Fortis... Read More

Can You Predict the Future of Vancouver Island Real Estate?

Posted by Denise Dumbrell
2020-06-03 00:56:18
What does the future hold for Vancouver Island Real Estate? Is it possible to predict the direction of Vancouver Island real estate trends? We have no crystal ball, but considerations like... Read More

Mortgages- This and That -Times Have Changed

Posted by Wayne Dumbrell
2020-06-03 00:51:36
For further information contact  Denise Dumbrell a Mortgage Expert with close to 14 years expertise including manah=gement of a Multi-office Mortgage Brokerage and a Licensed realtor or her... Read More

What is actually Happening in the summer of 2020 on Vancouver Island

Posted by Wayne Dumbrell
2020-06-03 00:47:23
There is NO New Cases of the Virus on Vancouver Island and only one person still in Hospital, on the entire length of Vancouver Island. ***Our Central Vancouver island Real Estate Market is back... Read More


Posted by Wayne Dumbrell
2020-06-03 00:43:34
Until you talk to our Exclusive Sellers or Buyers  Agents @  250-248-9996 - Dumbrell Real Estate Denise knows this is one of the largest financial transactions in your life and... Read More

Parksville Offers So MUCH!!

Posted by Wayne Dumbrell
2020-04-15 12:09:04
It is a piece of Paradise   The area developed as the summer get-a-way for southern Island Residentds and has developed into One of Canada's top  Recreation and Retirement... Read More

Why the Central Island Area

Posted by Wayne Dumbrell
2020-04-15 12:02:30
If you're looking to buy or sell in Central Vancouver Island the Dumbrell Marketing Group has over 45 years of experience and is pleased to be part of Re/max ph  us 250.248.9996 The... Read More

Rejuvenate in Parksville

Posted by Wayne Dumbrell
2020-04-15 11:58:41
Spend some time in Parksville Qualicum Beach and recharge your batteries. You can do as much, or as little, as you like, in a relaxed atmosphere and at your own pace. Do the things that make you... Read More

The Best Kept Secret in B.C.- Life is a Beach !

Posted by Denise Dumbrell
2020-04-15 11:57:19
Rathtrevor Beach in Parksville is one of the province's most popular family destinations. Rathtrevor Beach is home to many resorts (along Resort Drive) and to the BC Provincial Park /... Read More


Posted by Denise Dumbrell
2020-04-15 11:55:52
If you’re on the hunt for your first home and want to have a smooth and successful home purchasing experience avoid these common first-time homebuying mistakes. 1. Thinking you don’t... Read More

Avoid Huge Mortgage Refinance Mistakes Shoppers Make

Posted by Wayne Dumbrell
2020-04-15 11:47:49
  Whenever interest rates drop or housing values jump, a refinancing frenzy follows. Whether you are looking to trim your mortgage payments, eliminate credit card debt or renovate, experts... Read More

Top 5 Things Millennials Should Know When Buying Real Estate

Posted by Wayne Dumbrell
2020-04-15 11:43:08
Top 5 Things Millennials Should Know When Buying Real Estate There are 9 million Millennials in Canada, representing more than 25 percent of the population. Born between 1980 and 1999, the... Read More

B.C. Rules for Real Estate - In a Nutshell

Posted by Wayne Dumbrell
2020-04-15 11:31:46
New Real Estate Rules Mean Total Disclosure The Real Estate Council of British Columbia announced new rules for licensed real estate agents and brokerages. Designed to increase... Read More

Cannabis Conversations

Posted by Denise Dumbrell
2020-04-15 10:53:12
Cannabis Conversations     With cannabis now legal, Canadian homeowners may cultivate up to four cannabis plants per... Read More

Looking Forward and Backwards in Real Estate Investment

Posted by Denise Dumbrell
2020-04-15 10:47:21
This is amongst one of the best aticles written on BC Real Estate , It's Past and it's Future . It s written by BC TV's Real Estate personality Ozzie Jrrock    ... Read More

More Than a Beach!

Posted by Wayne Dumbrell
2019-04-01 18:28:08
Parksville /Qualicum often refered to as Oceanside has miles of beaches many with boardwalks and seating but we are mroe than a natural paradise. We also must brag about our Community Arts... Read More

Home Buyer Tips

Posted by Wayne Dumbrell
2018-05-23 16:31:28
It's a big decision and there is a lot to learn. If you have decided to buy a home the following information reference tools and finance guidance provided by "Dumbrell Real Estate" will help you... Read More