What is actually Happening on Vancouver Island and in BC

Posted by Wayne Dumbrell
Jun 3rd, 2020 at 12:20am

In 2021 on Vancouver Island we are still seeing record high sale prices. Many home owners are receiving multiplr competing offers and are selling over their asking price. This means a NEW Market value is being established and is a transition that we have seen hapen in the past but perhaps not as rapidly as this time.

We are , however , starting to see more sellers preparing their housefor sale. If you are a buyer , and find the current market frustrating, as many buyers are, do not give up hope! There is about to be a large increase of additional inventory entering the Spring and eary summer  as there is every year.  This is not saying that the market will not remain competitive , but there will be ore sellection for April onward.

If you have been considering selling your house, now is the perfect time to start the conversation about transitioning to your next move. Now tht we are seeing a new Normal in Home Prices it will become much easier to make that move with market clarity. If you have any questions at all about the state of the market or would just like a coversation , fell free to reach out. Our phone number is 250-248-9996. We can provide you with market, mortgae Buildibg and design information and links.

Vancouver Island still has prices substancially lower than greater Vancouver and we are  seeing  interest from those who have found out they can work remotely and have discouvered they  have the opertunity to escape polution, many social issues and enjoy a great life style weather at age 30 or in retirement;  we have something  for you. 

While on our website take a quick visit to our Listing search engines, please note if your interested in Commercial almost 40% of the Commercial Listings are sold prior to being circulated in for sale flyers or websites.  call us and ask how we can as your realtors give you a market advantage in Buying or Selling.

The Dumbrell's have Buyer and Seller representation avaliable to reach us  call 250-248-9996 or email  info@dumbrell.ca